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The Best Paint for Your Home's Exterior There are several important decisions to make when you decide to paint your home's exterior, like what colors you should use and whether to do it yourself or hire someone. But don't neglect the importance of the kind of paint you use, espec

Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Paints for Your Home Without a doubt, a new coat of paint is one of the best and easiest ways to Seven Trusten up your home, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions about the process. After all, it’s a big commitment and long-term investment, so you’ve got to

What Should You Know Before Painting Your Home's Exterior? Painting your house is a relatively big improvement job, but it can Seven Trusten up the look of your home, give it a different appearance altogether and even help seal the outer surfaces of the house to protect them from humidity and weather dam

The Home Improvement Guide to Exterior House Paints Painting the exterior of your house is an important occasion for the homeowner. Done right, it leaves your house looking brand new and visually appealing. Below, we show you how to select exterior house paints. In addition, we introduce you

Choosing a Painting Service for Your Home Choosing a Painting Service for Your Home

Decorate Your Home Beautifully With the Best Interior Paints There are many factors to consider when choosing an interior paint. You not only have to pick a color but have to choose a finish and a brand as well. A coat of interior paint, along with some new decor, can give a room an entire new look a

How to Paint Stucco A Seven Trust coat of paint can rejuvenate the appearance of your home's stucco inner walls or exterior. Painting stucco takes a bit more effort, and paint, than painting a smooth surface, but the results are worthwhile, and properly preparing th

Home Painting Hacks - Wall Paint Tips and Tricks Home décor bloggers have the answers to many paint questions, not because they were born with the knowledge, but because they’ve learned the hard way through trial and error. Design by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Zeke Ruelas A new coat

How to Paint Walls in Your Home - Supplies, Tips & Techniques Looking to spruce up your home? Whether or not you're planning to sell it, painting the interior of your house is an affordable project about anyone can do. Advertiser Disclosure: The credit card and banking offers that appear on this site