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Superstructure: The portion of the bridge that supports the deck and connects one substructure element to another. Substructure: The portion of the bridge that

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7 May 20 9 is a connection between the superstructure and the substructure. First, the conventional construction of a concrete deck concrete is the

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9 Nov 2020 Deck, Superstructure, and Substructure Deterioration Prediction for Bridges Using Deep Artificial Neural Networks. Show less Show all authors.


girders continuous for deck weight. Based on the connection detail developed in a previous NDOR project titled “Superstructure/Substructure Joint Details,” a

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Deck. Superstructure. Abutment part of the substructure . Pier part of the Planks are most often used for bridge decks on bridges carrying light or infrequent.

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7 Nov 2020 describing deck, substructure including piers and abutments , and superstructure conditions are recorded as one-digit number ratings based

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3. .3.2 Timber Longitudinal Deck Superstructures . Deck. Superstructure. Substructure. 97B. Figure 3. Major Bridge Components. 3. .2 Bridge Deck and

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A superstructure is an upward extension of an existing structure above a baseline. This term is the parts of the ship or a boat, including sailboats, fishing boats, passenger ships, and submarines, that project above her main deck. ..

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9 Feb 20 8 Major Bridge Substructure Elements Open/Close Appendix A Summary of Deck Types and Associated Superstructure Type. Tables Open/