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0 Things to Know About Garage Door Installation

Whether you're completing a new construction or replacing something old and faulty, garage door installation isn't necessarily easy. There's more to think about than just the cost of new garage doors. If you're thinking about DIYing this pr

How to Install Door Trim

The trim around your doors in your home may not be a necessity, but it does make a room look complete. It's typically used to hide the imperfections stem come from construction, and it can add some color and style to a room. Luckily, it's e

How to Replace a Glass Door Panel

A glass door panel combines the security of a lockable door with the outdoor views offered by a window. Unfortunately, these panels are damaged easily, and you might eventually find yourself in need of a replacement. You can either hire a p

Installing Glass Panels in Cabinet Doors HGTV

Update your kitchen cabinets by inserting new glass panels. Learn how it's done at tape measure glass cutter strht edge caulking gun glazing points small trowel or putty knife glass panels two tubes clear silicone safety goggle

How to Install a Door HomeTips

This expert advice shows you how to install a pre-hung interior door, walking you step-by-step through each part of the process. Join us to get great money-saving tips, cool ideas, and valuable advice from home improvement expert Don Vander

Door Installation

Update a new door in steps. If you have an average level of home improvement knowledge, you can install a doorbell in 8 steps. Develop a whole new feel for your exterior and create instant curb appeal in one afternoon. For shabby chic or

How to Install Paneling

Adding paneling to a wall can be a unique design choice for your interior. Read this article for information on installing paneling. Wall panels are an easy way to improve and add variety to the look of an interior space. They come in many

Installing Panel Siding Better Homes & Gardens

Plywood panel or sheet siding offers one of the quickest and least expensive ways to cover an exterior wall. Learn how to install it with our step-by-step instructions. Plywood panel or sheet siding offers one of the quickest and least expe

How to Install Self-Closing Cabinet Door Hinges

There are many different kinds of cabinet door hinges. There are many different kinds of cabinet door hinges. Your cabinet door can open and close with an inlay hinge, a reverse hinge, and an outside wrap-around hinge. A self-closing cabine