what is the deck clearance on a 454

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4 Feb 20 Stock 454 stroke is 4", block deck height is 9.8" true deck is 9.780 , rods are 6. 35. Find out the piston compression height you& 39;ll have it.

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3 Dec 20 7 anyhow I& 39;m trying to figure out compression and need to know deck clearance if the different crank as I believe stock 454 is .030 deck clearance

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6 May 2009 Hey Seven Trust, just wondering, what is generally the deck height on a BBC block? I know when a One 454 was 9.797 to 9.8 5. The other

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8 Oct 20 8 Deck height is a vital engine measurement that dictates rod length, crankshaft stroke, much more. Here, we define deck height, how to measure it, and its effect on your next engine build. 396-454 MK IV Gen V/VI BBC

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25 May 20 8 Definition and Description. Deck clearance is the distance between the piston deck at TDC and the deck surface of the engine block. Negative

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27 Aug 20 9 As an example, a big-block Chevy& 39;s deck height is 9.800 inches. The other 4.6L – 5.0L Modular, 8.937, 396-454 MK IV Gen V/VI, 9.800.

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4 Mar 20 General Q and A - Deck height - I just put in new flat top mahle pistons in my gen 6 454. I checked a couple cylinders and got a deck height of /-

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30 Oct 20 0 The stock deck height for a standard 396-454 is 9.800 from the centerline of the crank. Now, if you mean how much piston to deck clearance,

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Deck height is measured from the crankshaft centerline to the deck cylinder head Displacement Cubic Inches, Liters, Deck Height inches 454, 7.4, 9.800.