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How to Install Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding installation should be left to the pros unless you’re confident that you have adequate carpentry skills and experience. The upside of doing the project yourself is that you can cut the cost of installation to almost half of wha

Should I Get Laminate or Vinyl Flooring?

Vinyl and laminate flooring are two popular options for home remodeling projects. Choosing between the two isn't always easy though. While vinyl and laminate might look alike in some circumstances, they have their pros and cons. Use the fol

Pricing Old Vinyl Records

Determining the value of old vinyl records isn't an exact science, according to Rare Records. A variety of factors go into determining the value of a record, and these factors are what give some vinyl albums a high value while others don't

Vinyl Siding HomeTips

Expert advice on exterior vinyl siding, with buying guides and consumer reports, and DIY tips for installing, replacing and repairing vinyl siding Join us to get great money-saving tips, cool ideas, and valuable advice from home improvement

Vinyl Vs. Steel Siding: Which Is Better?

Choosing the type of siding for your home doesn't have to be a daunting task. Choosing the type of siding for your home doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Read this simple article to help decide which siding choice is best for your home.Co

What Are the Most Popular Vinyl Siding Colors?

The most popular colors for vinyl siding are white, cream, yellow, brown and gray. Vinyl siding color combinations such as gray and blue, and white and cre The most popular colors for vinyl siding are white, cream, yellow, brown and gray. V

Cleaning Vinyl Siding

You keep the interior of your home spotless, but what about your siding? Follow these steps to clean it. Everything from dirty hands to bad storms will eventually cause the vinyl siding around your home to look dingy. Cleaning it is importa

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Painting vinyl siding is much like painting other types of siding but comes with a few special rules and things to check. Learn how to do it right. ftwitty / Getty Images Vinyl siding is commonly considered to be relatively maintenance-free

How to Paint Vinyl Siding - Bob Vila

Save big bucks and paint vinyl siding instead of replacing it. Properly done, you can expect the appli ion to last as long as ten years By Bob Vila Photo: A sensible siding solution, vinyl remains a popular, budget-frien